CROWLEY, Texas—After hitting the ground running in July 2013, Sentry Security Solutions anticipates big financial gains this year.

Co-founded by Nick McAmis and Joel Clarke, the Dallas-Fort Worth-area company expects to post $500,000 in sales revenue and $75,000 in RMR for 2015.

“We’re tracking to that already,” McAmis told Security Systems News.

In its first full year of business, the company of three employees—the two partners and their sole technician—reaped $180,000 in sales revenue and $50,000 in RMR. And, it started out with no financial backing, McAmis noted.

McAmis, the company’s president and a former director of operations for Devcon Security Services, attributes his small company’s success to a strong worth ethic—“perseverance, many long days and nights.” Customers can call him at any time, he said, and they do.

Networking meetings, referrals and building relationships with property management companies were “our bread and butter,” he said.

Early networking meetings focused on the residential market, which accounts for 40 percent of the company’s business. Most of that is post-construction, he said.

Home automation factors in to the company’s organic growth; the majority of his up-sells involve cameras or thermostats. He has customers who want “the peek-in feature to see what their kids or animals are up to” or to check and set their thermostats and get alerts when, for example, their children at home over the summer “mess with the thermostat.”

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