My children and I went on vacation last week, and I don’t know about you, but the nights before I leave for vacation are historically bad nights of sleep for me. Excitement paired with the fear of forgetting . . . well, everything, is overwhelming.

As I pull together the final items I need to pack, I am thankful for the little things. I’m thankful that we have lost, purchased, and found so many chargers –so I don’t have to disconnect the ones that are basically built into my nightstand and couch. I am thankful for my hearing aids so when the kids are too much to handle, I can just turn them off. I am thankful for the beach cover-ups I purchased despite the fact they literally cover me head to toe (I am too old to go home looking like bacon). I am thankful I began stock piling sunblock months ago – we have eighteen bottles for a two-day trip. EIGHTEEN.

Also, I am very, very thankful for technology. Especially this week.

It can be difficult to relax on vacation, even if you find a house sitter. This was my first vacation with a Sentry Security smart home system, and I can honestly say, having it was such a huge weight off my shoulders!

Leaving for our trip was much smoother because of the numerous home automation features I have set up on my system.

Smart lighting schedules make my house look occupied. I have them come on at random times throughout the evening for a realistic look.

I am pretty sure I have 6 spare keys to my house and can only name two people in possession of one. I did not have to leave a key for my house sitter this time. I simply created a temporary user code for them to unlock my door’s smart lock and disarm the security system. I received notifications on my smart phone so I was aware every time they came and went.

Geo-Services sends an alert to my phone if I leave home without securing it properly. When I get the alert, all I am required to do is tap a button to secure my door, close the garage, or arm my security system (which I forgot to do!). I never need to turn around again.

When you put all these things together – sensors, cameras and automation features – I have a complete security system that will always be protecting my home. I have a monitoring center that is looking out 24-7, while also having several features at my disposal to help me see what’s going on at home.

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