It’s Pool Time!

It is that time of year again when family and friends gather outside to relax and enjoy the warmer weather, this also means it’s time to check your outdoor security. Outdoor fun can consist of pools, games, running and rough play, so taking the proper steps to ensure safety is crucial.

How Is Your Outdoor Security?

Fences and Gates

Four-sided isolation fencing around home pools could prevent 50 percent to 90 percent of childhood drownings and near-drowning incidents. Pool and spa covers should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a child or multiple children. Latches should be properly locked whenever you are not using the area. Sentry now offers gate and fencing repair so if you need any repairs or updating give us a call!


Door and Pool Alarms

Door and window alarms can give you the valuable seconds needed to keep your children from getting outside to the pool. Make sure to alarm any windows and doors that open directly into the pool area. Pool surface alarms are also a great option to alert you if anyone/anything falls into the pool. You can even put an alarm on your child that will alert you if they are submersed.


Outdoor cameras are a great tool to keep an eye out on the little ones if you need to go inside or just to monitor the outdoor area. Sentry also offers live video monitoring for commercial properties which will notify our monitoring station in the event of disturbance after hours, we call this Sentry Live. This option is great for community pool areas and common areas that close at certain times.


Water Safety and CPR

Drownings and near drownings are 8 times more likely to happen to children that don’t know how to swim or are being supervised by adults that don’t know how to swim. Learning how to swim and practicing proper water safety techniques are crucial but children that know how to swim are still at risk. Learning CPR can be the difference between life and death while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. Need help finding swim lessons? You may want to contact your local YMCA, Red Cross, or parks and recreation center for information in your area.

Outdoor Security Checklist

  • Secure windows and doors with an alarm system, give us a call if you need to install, service or upgrade your system
  • Mount security cameras in the right places to view all of the area, our technicians can assist with this when installing your camera system
  • Walk your perimeter and check for broken fences or gates. Trim bushes, fix broken fences and gates and have adequate lighting
  • Have the older children and adults take CPR lessons and swim lessons as needed
  • Get to know your neighbors, in the event of an emergency having a village always helps


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