Neighborhood Security

Neighborhood safety is vital when residents are deciding where to call home. This sense of safety allows families to feel comfortable and encourages outdoor activities and community engagement. Homes in secure neighborhoods tend to have higher property values. Potential buyers are attracted to areas with low crime rates and a reputation for safety, leading to increased demand and better resale value for homeowners.


This is why Sentry offers an all in one solution for Neighborhood Security. Cameras, Access Control including Mobile Credentialing, Live Monitoring we call Sentry Live, Gates and more.




Take a look at the checklist below to get started on a safe neighborhood for your residents.

Perimeter Surveillance

  • Cloud Based Security Cameras

Amenity Surveillance

  • Sentry Live Monitoring

Access Control

  • Key Fobs or Mobile Credentialing

Intercoms and Entry Systems

  • or ButterflyMX


  • License Plate Readers at Entrances

Sentry offers all the security your neighborhood needs, all in one place. Give us a call today to plan out your future community.

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