Top Benefits of Home Security Cameras

It is hard to imagine, but it wasn’t that long ago that video surveillance technologies were so expensive that only large corporations had the funds to invest in and deploy them. Fortunately, security technologies, including video surveillance and home security cameras, have advanced so much that superior technologies are now widely available, even in the residential market, and homeowners have benefits and effective tools for combating crime. 

Crime is a reality in even the safest neighborhoods, and no one can afford to assume it can’t happen to them. It is that assumption that can cause residents to delay taking measures of deterrence, such as talking to a home security professional about video surveillance systems installation.

What Are the Top Benefits of Installing Home Security Cameras?

Video surveillance technologies are more than just exciting home technology. They provide a wide range of benefits. Here are just a few.

Boosted Security

A study of incarcerated burglars conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology showed that indicators of increased security, such as outdoor surveillance cameras, were considered a strong deterrence by most burglars. 

Improved Safety

According to FBI Violent Crime Statistics, 25% of those who interrupt burglars become victims of violent crimes. With a video surveillance system, homeowners can see what is happening at the home, get alerts, and view activity remotely.  Criminals will never surprise them because they are always prepared for possible intruders.

Decreased Neighborhood Crime 

Criminals do not want to get caught. They know that the more cameras there are, the more of the street and other areas are covered, which increases the likelihood of being identified and caught. 

Added Awareness

Home security cameras can provide a significant amount of added awareness in managing a home. It can provide valuable information such as when family members get home safely and whether your aging loved one is managing well, and more.

Possible Insurance Savings

Many insurance companies offer a discount for implementing video surveillance and other home security technologies. Talk to an insurance agent about your policy to find out if you qualify for savings. 

Why Work with Sentry Security Solutions

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Residential Security Cameras in Houston

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