Face Recognition And People Counting

Face recognition and people counting not only works to aid police in finding missing persons and solving crimes, it also works for your business too.

Shop lifters can be recognized and removed before a crime. A restaurant or bar can see when a repeat offender has entered the building. Childcare and school organizations can identify ex-students, registered sex offenders, non-custodial parents and more.

How it Works

Face recognition integrates video surveillance and intelligence by sending alarms when the target face is detected. This works in three steps: detection, analysis, and recognition


Detection is enabled by computer vision; face recognition can detect and identify individual faces from an image containing one or many people’s faces. It can detect facial data in both front and side face profiles.


The face recognition system then analyzes the image of the face. It maps and reads face geometry and facial expressions. It identifies facial landmarks that are key to distinguishing a face from other objects. The system then converts the face recognition data into a string of numbers or points called a faceprint. Each person has a unique faceprint, like a fingerprint. The information used by face recognition can also be used in reverse to digitally reconstruct a person’s face.


Face recognition can identify a person by comparing the faces in two or more images and assessing the likelihood of a face match. For example, it can verify that the face shown in a selfie taken by a mobile camera matches the face in an image of a government-issued ID like a driver’s license or passport, as well as verify that the face shown in the selfie does not match a face in a collection of faces previously captured.

People Counting

For businesses like shopping centers, retail chains, museums, restaurants, etc., gathering and analyzing customer traffic data can create value in terms of revenue and business efficiency and generate crucial insights that drive sales, improve conversion rates, and make informed marketing and spending decisions.

Sentry utilizes the security camera infrastructure as a host site for the software. This is a cost-saving measure, as our technology is compatible with all leading camera systems and the installation process is both cost-effective and quickly done.

How, then, does the software count people? AI uses algorithms to mimic the human ability to see. Existing cameras can be used, regardless of their position and the software can be deployed on-premise or as a part of cloud servers.



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