Enhance Public Safety And Security: Gun Detection Technology


In the face of ever evolving security challenges, the need for gun detection technology is imperative to create a safer and more secure environment nationwide.

Our AI-powered visual Gun Detect Software leverages your existing security cameras to create a widely deployable early gun detection solution. In fractions of a second, our AI identifies a gun threat and sends an alert for human verification. Early detection of gun threats are critical, but only the first step to protecting people from active shooters.

How it Works

First it looks for frames of video to identify a body – a torso, arms, legs, etc. It’s not looking for people or trying to identify a person, just the shape of a body without reference to color, gender, or other identifying personal attributes.

The AI then works as a gun detector, searching for a hand or long gun near the body. A wide range of handguns, shotguns, rifles and military-style weapons are distinguished by AI while inert objects such as cell phones, hand-tools, common office objects and more are identified to diminish possible false positives.

Finally, through a proprietary process, multiple frames of video are analyzed in sequence to establish a coherent track on the threat, reducing false detections. Additionally, the relationship of the gun to the arm and hand of the body is analyzed to bring additional clarity to the situation and help determine, with a high level of confidence, if an actual gun detection is in fact a threat.

Gun Shot Detection

In addition to gun detection, there is gun shot detection. Gunshot detection technology provides reliable and accurate information about when and where a firearm has been discharged so further investigation can be conducted.

By registering a gunshot, the system will identify the location where the gunshot came from by using sensors that ping off the sound waves. This could give the police a starting point to look for the suspect if they took off. With this information the staff and administrators can make an informed decision to act, such as running and hiding from danger, or avoiding certain areas of a building or campus.


Traditional approaches to security are no longer enough. Nearly 350 school shooting incidents occurred across the U.S. in 2023, data shows, and Texas alone had 23. There were 656 mass shootings in 2023. The number of gun violence deaths has also shot up from 12,356 in 2014. There were nearly quadruple as many deaths in 2021 and 2022, with each year seeing more than 47,300 deaths.

The bottom line: As mass shootings have been increasing, we as a country have done little to prevent them from occurring,” David Hemenway, professor of health policy at the Harvard School of Public Health said. Gun detection software is the next step in prevention.

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