Understanding Remote Video Monitoring

Sentry Live Remote Guarding is a proactive rather than reactive video monitoring solution.  Instead of just recording events so that perpetrators can be identified later, it identifies suspicious behavior and intervenes before crime happens. 

The revolutionary physical security solution combines video surveillance, analytics, and highly-trained security professionals to provide a  highly proactive video monitoring solution. This powerful video monitoring solution reduces crime, expands capabilities, and saves money.

How Does Remote Video Monitoring Work?

Many people may confuse Sentry Live Remote Monitoring with a system that strictly provides just video surveillance. Remote video monitoring is far more

Remote Video Monitoring turns each camera of a video surveillance system into a remote guard. It combines the on-site visual element of the cameras and sophisticated analytics with the decision-making capabilities of trained security interventionists. 

First, on-site video surveillance cameras detect motion. Sophisticated analytics rule out benign alerts, like an animal passing by, and elevate those deemed more serious, like an unauthorized person entering a particular zone or activity after a certain hour.

The system immediately alerts the crime interventionist, who assesses and continuously monitors the situation. The specialist provides a loud, real-time direct warning to the individual to exit the property before they have the opportunity to commit a crime. The security professional follows a customizable escalating protocol which may include alerting law enforcement.

What Makes This Solution Different?

Many security solutions are passive, either recording a crime in progress or alerting to a crime in progress. Instead of just observing, reporting, and passing the problem to law enforcement, remote video monitoring solutions take a proactive approach and intervene before a crime has the chance to happen.

Commercial Security in DFW

Sentry Security Solutions is a commercial and residential physical security technology provider. Locally owned and operated, the company offers fully customized solutions using the most advanced technologies available today. 

With services in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and DFW,  Sentry Security Solutions has you covered. We listen carefully to our clients and combine our expertise with experience to create solutions that meet their needs.

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