How Multi-Unit Security Increases Safety & Efficiency

Whether our clients own one commercial residence or multi-unit condos, they receive the same level of specialized care of security that has kept us prosperous and effective, serving all of Texas for decades. By prioritizing and investing in technology we will always provide the highest level of safety possible from a security system. In the case of multiple buildings, we inspect the property thoroughly before designing a plan specific to its needs. Our strict standards and effective protocol leave no area vulnerable. Combining all the latest and necessary integrated security elements, our services work proactively to keep tenants and you safe and free of worry.  

Advanced Commercial Security and Safety

We at Sentry Security Solutions have invested much in the development of our advanced features that legitimately help keep your multitenant facilities safe and running optimally.

We are proud to offer progressive technology that can put tenants “in the loop” This is achieved by giving them streamlined access to the system via an easy-to-use phone app interface. A new level of tenant control, trust, and confidence begins here. A shared advanced network with general access to cameras and talk boxes provides easy solutions when it comes to issues related to multi-unit properties. This is proven to be particularly successful in preventing would-be intruders from ever entering the premises.

Evaluate, Discuss, Implement

  • We will gladly visit and analyze your property
  • Get notified about Points of Concern immediately.
  • We Address All Questions and Considerations
  • Choose Options and Customize a Plan
  • Next-Day Installation Available

We hope you’ll get to know and enjoy the confidence that comes with letting Sentry Security Solutions work for you. Our professional associates are on hand to take your calls, answer questions, and/or set up a free consultation.

Multi-Unit Security Protections

  • Control entry 
  • Increased security
  • Decreased unauthorized loitering, common areas monitored
  • Reduced risks of unauthorized entrants.
  • Monitored assigned parking
  • Improved resident confidence
  • Easy operation efficiency
  • Security = Property Value 

It’s a Texas Thing

The responsibility of property management is one of authority and trust. Handling multi-unit facilities such as apartment buildings and condos can be a tough and rewarding gig, as you are expected to provide the best protection and efficiency possible to keep tenants safe. Ultimately yours is a position that is earned. So when it comes to important decisions like choosing a means of security to handle the day by day of providing safety, you want and expect professionalism and expert knowledge. You must also consider the benefits of finding a company that truly understands the variety of circumstances that comes with your territory.

We know Texas!

Let us customize a business security system for you! You’ll be excited to learn just how effective and affordable multi-unit security can be. We can even tailor a DIY package for you with everything needed to build and maintain a system independently. 

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