Modern Home Security – Proactive Automation

Although residential areas can be home to some of the sweetest families and beloved friendships, they also host growing attitudes of aloofness among the populace. With people busy and finding themselves sorely lacking in substantial free time, the days of block parties, neighborhood watch, or even borrowing a cup of sugar have largely become relics of the past. This lack of friendly social interaction serves only to make it imperative that folks rely on themselves for security and safety. Being self-sufficient in this matter has been made easy thanks to the advancements in home security. In fact, technology has evolved where even your home is taking matters into its own hands, doing what it can for self-protection.

The Illusion of Presence

Home security systems have become daringly comprehensive, thanks to the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that leads to innovation. A true breakthrough in residential safety occurred when the implementation of timers programmed to activate, dim, and shut off a residence’s primary lights created a new level of security – a unique one via deception. “Is anyone home?”, potential intruders were left to ponder the conundrum of the bedroom light being on just minutes before 

So popular an option was the timed lighting that it has since become a standard security alarm feature. But there was still gold in that mine, and Smart Home Automation was born…

The Home Automated Protector

Maximizing a home’s potential to provide for its own security has become a technology all of its own, one that supports confidence in residential alarm systems. Sure you can control your thermostat remotely – and that’s kind of cool – but the wireless features don’t end there. Today’s primary home management tool is a cell phone. An easy-to-use downloadable phone app (laptop and tablet compatible) is all you need (after your alarm system installation, of course). It will become your source for alarm-related alerts. From the easy-to-use interface, you have access and control over your system’s automated features. 

“Smart Locks” give you the ability to lock or unlock your home when you’re away. So if your access to the front door’s camera feed reveals your mother coming to feed the cat, you can greet her via the talk box (also installed) and welcome her in as you press a button that grants her entry. 

Let’s summarize the benefits of home automation, shall we?

  • Remote Smart Locks
  • Automated Lighting
  • Thermostat Control
  • Accessible via smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Instant Alert System
  • Simulated Occupancy Deters Crime
  • Reduced Energy Use 
  • Overall Increased Security 
  • Fully Controllable from App

Home Security + Automation = Effective Protection

When we evaluate a residence to determine its best means of home defense, we make sure the customized security plan we custom-design never leaves a client unprepared. Combining the latest automated features with our already-comprehensive security alarm systems is our best way of ensuring the most complete possible protection available. 

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